Eesti Theravaada Sangha Klooster
Phone: +372 5111115
Address: Karnapi tee 10, Tallinn, 74021
Temple: Niguliste 4, 10130, Tallinn

Register code: 80372075
Bank information:


WDS Aegna Meelearenduskeskus is located on Aegna Island, about 1.5 km from Rohuneeme Harbor and about 14 km from Tallinn. In summer, the high-speed boat "Vegtind" reaches to the island and departs from the Patarei sadam (Port of Patarei) next to Linnahall (City hall) (old Linda line harbor) or all year round by Meretakso or Watersport boat (contacts are at the bottom of the page).

FROM AIRPORT or FROM BUSS STATION  to Patarei sadam can reach either by taxi (about 20-25 €) or by tram.
  • Take the tram no. 4 from Airport or Bus station to Hobujaama station (next to the Viru Centre).
  • Choose tram to no. 1 or 2 and move in the same direction until the station named Linnahall
  • From the Linnahall station go to Patarei sadam, which is on the west side from the Linnahall.
  • From the Patarei sadam or Tallinn to Aegna Island can go by high-speed boat "Vegtind" or other mentioned private boat.

The high-speed boat "Vegtind" departs next to the Linnahall and the crossing to the Island of Aegna takes about 45 minutes. We recommend purchasing boat tickets in pre-sale, info:

From the train station it is possible to walk to the Linnahall, or take tram no. 1 or 2 towards the city center and after two stops get off at the Linnahall.

The car can be parked in the guarded EuroPark next to the Linnahall (24 hours costs 2 euros).


The high-speed boat sails from May to mid-September. In May and September, trips take place on weekends and every day during the summer months, except on Tuesdays. Tickets can be purchased in pre-sale up to 30 minutes before the departure of the boat, from the website of high-speed boats: Access to the boat and on-site ticket sales in the port start 30 minutes before the departure of the boat.


From October to April, Aegna Island can be reached by either a Watersport boat or a Gundel Meratakso. 
Participation in winter courses. Since there is no ferry in winter, Aegna Meelearenduskeskus organizes the transport itself (please specify the transport arrangements for a specific retreat before registering for the event!). The participants of the retreat will gather in the morning at 08:00 at the Bodhi Temple located at Olevimägi 6 in the Old Town of Tallinn, from where they will be taken by car or bus to Viimsi, Rohuneeme harbor and from there by boat to Aegana Island. The return transport takes place in the same way and we arrive in Tallinn at 19:00 - 20:00.


  • Meretakso Gundel, captain Marko Amboja (from the port of Pirita), tel: +372 501 1416 (up to 12 people). Website:
  • Watersport (boat, hovercraft, speedboat) captains Raul Rink and Elinor Kimmel (from Rohuneeme harbor), tel: +372 5660 8909 (up to 12 people). Website:
  • Oti Port (boat, hovercraft) Captain Aivar Osa, tel: +372 508 4822.

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