“Monks, there are these three grounds for meritorious activity (puñña). Which three? 
The ground for meritorious activity made of generosity (dāna), 
the ground for meritorious activity made of virtue (sīla), and 
the ground for meritorious activity made of development [meditation] (bhāvanā). 
These are the three grounds for meritorious activity.”
Train in acts of merit that yield the foremost profit of bliss— develop generosity,
a life in tune, a mind of good will. 
Developing these three things that bring about bliss, the wise reappear
in a world of bliss unalloyed."
Buddha (Itivuttaka-pāḷi 60)

Estonian Theravada Sangha is a nonprofit organization for translating, sharing and transmitting the Buddha’s teaching. Our activities can only take place through the donations. Without your kind contribution, it wouldn’t be able to build a temple in Estonia, renovate a meditation center, translate Tipiṭaka, print dhamma books, conduct meditation retreats, or enable monks to live in Estonia. If you would like to support the sharing of dhamma light in Estonia, your kind donation will be accepted with the greatest gratitude.

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We humbly ask you to support the implementation of four important projects.

FUND 1. Reconstruction of the WDS Aegna Meditation Center. 

Goal: 750, 000 €

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FUND 2. Building the first Buddhist Temple in Estonia

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FUND 3. Establishment of Dhamma-Vinaya Institute 

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FUND 4. Tipiṭaka Translation Project

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