ABOUT ETS Summer School

ETS Summer School is a non-profit project with the aim to offer Buddhist education in the following subjects:

  1. What The Buddha Really Taught?
  2. Buddhist Psychology (Abhdhamma)
  3. Pali Language and Literature


“Do not accept anything because it is traditionally handed down as sacred scriptures, or is a conclusion of speculative reason, or is based on the authority of a teacher. When you know for yourself these things are wholesome and these things are unwholesome practice those that are wholesome and avoid what is unwholesome.” 

(The Buddha in the Kālāma Sutta).


The mission of ETS Summer School  is to provide the advantages of a Buddhist education and to produce educational excellence, abilities to apply Buddhist knowledge into various sciences, respectable conduct, curiosity, spiritual and intellectual leadership, self-sacrifice for society, understanding of social changes and visions with the potential to develop themselves.

Vision and Goals

The vision of of ETS Summer School is to develop citizens of Buddha-like character who are well-educated, ethical, focused his mind to enlightenment and unselfishly helping society.

To achieve this vision, ETS Summer School has Educational, Vocational, Buddhist and Cultural goals:

  • Educational Goal - to provide balanced education, based in authentic ancient doctrines as it found in Tipiṭaka, and the modern scientific approach.
  • Vocational Goal - to provide practical education, which helps after study to find a moral job in the labor market.
  • Buddhist Goal - to promote knowledge, strong ethic and mind training, encouraging the development of good character and values, which support the aspiration of enlightenment and the serving society.
  • Cultural Goal - to cultivate respect for different cultures, an understanding of the world, and adherence to high personal standards.

Physical Facilities

We have 1 big meditation room, 2 classrooms, 2 apartments for teachers, 6 rooms for students etc, at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Meditation and Development Centre, at Karnapi tee 10, Tallinn.

Total Number of Students

Total number of students enrolled:

  • max 40 per course
  • total 250 (including the Youth Summer Camp).


The courses are available free of charge to all. However, If you would like to make a donation to support this class, teachers' travel or living expenses, the cost of electricity or other costs, your donation is greatly appreciated!


E-mail: info@sangha.ee

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